Academic Council and Executive Council of Pondicherry University amends the Administrative Ordinance governing penalties and disciplinary authorities


The Academic Council and Executive Council of Pondicherry University have introduced amendments to the Administrative Ordinance governing penalties and disciplinary authorities. These amendments aim to enhance the disciplinary framework and ensure appropriate measures are in place for maintaining a conducive administrative environment within the university.

Existing Penalty Rule: The current Administrative Ordinance, which addresses penalties and disciplinary authorities, includes provisions for major penalties. These penalties are intended to address disciplinary infractions. One of the major penalties mentioned is the reduction of an employee to a lower stage in the time scale of pay for a specified period, with further directions regarding pay increments and the effect on future increments.

Proposed Penalty Rule: The recent amendments to the Administrative Ordinance introduce changes to the penalties section, encompassing both minor and major penalties. These changes aim to provide a fair and proportional response to disciplinary issues while safeguarding the rights and well-being of the employees.

Minor Penalties: Under the proposed rule, the amended Administrative Ordinance introduces a provision for minor penalties. In cases of less severe misconduct, employees may face a reduction to a lower stage in the time scale of pay, limited to a period not exceeding three years. It is important to note that this reduction will not have a cumulative effect, meaning it will not extend beyond the specified period. Furthermore, this reduction will not adversely affect the employee’s pension.

Major Penalties: Within the major penalties, the amendments maintain the provision for a reduction in the pay scale. These penalties are designed to address more serious offenses and maintain the integrity of the university’s disciplinary framework. The amended Ordinance includes provisions for a reduction to a lower stage in the time-scale of pay by one stage, other than the penalty specified for minor infractions.

Implications: These amendments to the Pondicherry University Administrative Ordinance are vital for ensuring a fair and accountable administrative system. By introducing both minor and major penalties, the university aims to provide proportional responses to disciplinary issues, considering the severity of the misconduct. These changes uphold principles of fairness, proportionality, and employee welfare while effectively addressing disciplinary matters.

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