SOP and operational guidelines for safety measures in factories in A.P


The Government of Andhra Pradesh has recently issued a notification on 07 July, 2023 to streamline compliance with safety measures in confined spaces. The notification provides a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) along with operational guidelines and instructions for easy implementation. These guidelines are based on the provisions outlined in the Factories Act, 1948, and the Andhra Pradesh Factories Rules, 1950. They impose obligations on factory occupiers and managers to prioritize the safety of workers operating in confined spaces.

To facilitate better understanding and compliance, the Director of Factories, Andhra Pradesh, has exercised their authority under the Andhra Pradesh Factories Rules, 1950, to issue detailed guidelines and instructions to factories in the state. The objective is to enhance safety measures and prevent accidents in confined spaces.

Industrial processes leading to accidents can be broadly categorized as routine and non- routine activities. Routine operations pertain to production, while non-routine tasks primarily involve maintenance activities. It’s crucial to note that when a plant is stopped for repairs, the safety precautions put in place for its normal operation become inactive and non-functional.

This poses a significant risk during maintenance tasks, including work conducted in confined spaces.
Given the nature of these maintenance tasks, mishaps are more likely to occur. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize safety measures and adhere to the guidelines while performing work in confined spaces.

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