NDAIAPA notifies Activities under Bilateral/Cooperative Approaches in India under Article 6.2 Mechanism of Paris Agreement


The National Designated Authority for the Implementation of Article 6 of Paris Agreement (NDAIAPA) has notified activities under bilateral/ cooperative approaches in India under Article 6.2 Mechanism of Paris Agreement. This notice was dated 27th June, 2023.

It may be recalled that India has taken steps mandated on the Host Party/Country in line with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. This Article focuses on carbon trading through bilateral/cooperative approaches and international market mechanisms.

India had notified the National Designated Authority for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (NDAIAPA) on 30th May, 2022. Amongst its other objectives, the Authority is mandated to take decisions in regard to the type of projects that may take part in international carbon market under Article 6 mechanisms.

Hence, in light of this mandate, the following list of activities has been finalized to be considered for trading of carbon credits under bilateral/ cooperative approaches:

GHG Mitigation Activities:

  1. Renewable energy with storage (only stored component)
  2. Solar thermal power
  3. Off- shore wind
  4. Green Hydrogen
  5. Compressed bio-gas
  6. Emerging mobility solutions like fuel cells
  7. High end technology for energy efficiency
  8. Sustainable Aviation Fuel
  9. Best available technologies for process improvement in hard to abate sectors
  10. Tidal energy, Ocean Thermal Energy, Ocean Salt Gradient Energy, Ocean Wave Energy and Ocean Current Energy
  11. High Voltage Direct Current Transmission in conjunction with the renewal energy projects

II. Alternate Materials:

12. Green Ammonia

III. Removal Activities:

13. Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

These activities will facilitate adoption/transfer of emerging technologies and may be used to mobilise international finance in India. The activities will initially be for first 3 years and may be updated/revised by NADAIPA.

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