Draft National Medical Commission (Competency Based Medical Education Curriculum) Regulations, 2023


The Undergraduate Medical Education Board (UGMEB) has put forward a proposal to introduce the National Medical Commission (Competency Based Medical Education Curriculum) Regulations for the year 2023. A draft regulation has been released for public comments, inviting feedback on the proposed curriculum. This notice was issued on 23rd June, 2023.

Interested stakeholders are requested to submit their comments in MS Word (.docx) or PDF format to comments.ugregulations@nmc.org.in by 23rd July, 2023. The subject line should be “Comments on draft regulations regarding National Medical Commission (Competency Based Medical Education Curriculum) Regulations, 2023”.

The main focus of the new regulations is to enhance the learning experience in medical education by adopting a more learner-centric, patient-centric, gender-sensitive, outcome-oriented, and environment-appropriate approach. The objective is to create an outcome-driven curriculum that aligns with global trends. To achieve this, the regulations emphasize the integration of subjects both horizontally and vertically, while also recognizing the importance of subject-based instruction and assessment.

One significant change in the proposed regulations is the shift from using “broad competencies” to “end of phase subject (sub) competencies.” This deviation allows for better mapping of these “sub-competencies” to global competencies outlined in the Graduate Medical Education Regulations. The undergraduate medical education program aims to produce an “Indian Medical Graduate” (IMG) who possesses the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and responsiveness to function effectively as a primary physician in the community while maintaining global relevance.

Furthermore, the adoption of competency-based learning forms a vital part of the proposed curriculum. It involves designing and implementing medical education programs that focus on developing the desired abilities that can be observed and applied in real-life situations.

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