Enrolment of Nurses (who are working outside India) in Nurse Registration and Tracking System (NRTS) portal


The Indian Council (INC) has issued a notification requesting all all Indian nurses working outside india to enroll into NRTS with immediate effect. This notification was issued on 19th June, 2023.

Indian nurses working overseas and qualified in India, registered with various State Nursing Registration Councils, are requested to pay attention to the latest guidelines and gazette notifications issued by the INC.

The INC has introduced the Nurses Registration and Tracking System (NRTS) for the maintenance and operation of the Indian Nurses Live Register. Extensive consultations with all the State Nursing Registration Councils have led to the development of NRTS, which aims to standardize the collection of data for Registered Nurses, Registered Midwives, Registered Auxiliary Nurse Midwives, and Registered Lady Health Visitors. The system incorporates Aadhar-based biometric authentication for data collection.

Adoption of a common system and standardized formats by all State Nursing Registration Councils is crucial for maintaining the Live Indian Nurses Register. After data verification, each nurse will be issued a Nurse Unique Identity Number, in addition to the RN/RM number issued by the respective State Nursing Registration Councils.

However, it has come to the attention of the INC that a large number of nurses working outside India have not yet enrolled in the NRTS portal. In order to maintain an updated and comprehensive Live Register of Nurses, both working within and outside India, it is hereby requested that all Indian nurses working overseas enroll in the NRTS immediately.

To enroll in the NRTS, please visit this URL

If you require any technical assistance, please reach out to the following email addresses:

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