BIS Introduces Standard for Agri By-Product Utensils


The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has taken a significant step towards reducing plastic pollution and promoting sustainability with the recent publication of IS 18267: 2023 “Food Serving Utensils Made from Agri By-Products – Specification.” The standard aims to provide comprehensive guidelines to manufacturers and consumers, ensuring uniformity in quality requirements across the country. The BIS has issued a write-up on this standard on 16th June, 2023.

The BIS states that IS 18267: 2023 covers various aspects, including raw materials, manufacturing techniques, performance, and hygiene requirements for the production of biodegradable utensils. The standard specifically recommends the use of agricultural by-products, such as leaves and sheaths, as preferred materials for making plates, cups, bowls, and more. It emphasizes the selection of appropriate parts of plants and trees and provides manufacturing techniques like hot pressing, cold pressing, molding, and stitching. The standard focuses on the importance of smooth surfaces, non-sharp edges, and prohibits the use of chemicals, resins, and adhesives in the production process.

The implementation of this standard holds far-reaching benefits for the environment, natural resource conservation, and the promotion of a circular economy. By using biodegradable utensils made from agri by-products, individuals and businesses can significantly contribute to environmental safety. These utensils are free from harmful additives, ensuring consumer well-being and health. Moreover, the standard creates economic opportunities for farmers and supports sustainable agricultural practices, thereby contributing to rural development.

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