Punjab Liquor Permit and Pass (Haryana Amendment) Rules, 2023


In a move aimed at enhancing liquor control measures, the Punjab government introduced the
Punjab Liquor Permit and Pass (Haryana Amendment) Rules in 2023 on 9 June, 2023. These new regulations bring about important changes to the existing liquor permit and pass system in the state, ensuring better monitoring and regulation of the sale and consumption of alcohol.

One of the main objectives of the amended rules is to prioritize stricter regulatory oversight by introducing a comprehensive permit and pass system. Individuals seeking to purchase or consume liquor in Punjab now need to obtain a liquor permit or pass, as per their requirements. This system not only enables the authorities to maintain a record of alcohol consumers but also aids in curbing illicit trade and ensuring responsible drinking practices.

Furthermore, the amendment also brings changes to the prices for granting permission to import and/or transport liquor. The prescribed prices for country liquor have been increased to Rs.10 per proof liter, and for beer, it is set at Rs. 12 per bulk liter. This adjustment ensures that the pricing aligns with the current market dynamics and maintains a fair balance between the government’s revenue generation and consumer affordability.


The Punjab Liquor Permit and Pass (Haryana Amendment) Rules, 2023, mark an important step towards enhancing liquor control in the state. By implementing a permit and pass system, the government aims to strengthen regulatory oversight, improve accountability, boost revenue generation, and encourage responsible drinking practices. Also, with a streamlined permit and pass system in place, the government can ensure that all liquor sales are legal and tax compliant. This, in turn, can help in curbing black-market activities, leading to a boost in tax collection. The additional revenue generated can be utilized for various
developmental initiatives and public welfare programs.

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