Establishment of New Medical Institutions, Starting of New Medical Courses, Increase of Seats for Existing Courses & Assessment and Rating Regulations, 2023


The National Medical Commission (NMC) has notified the Establishment of New Medical Institutions, Starting of New Medical Courses, Increase of Seats for Existing Courses & Assessment and Rating Regulations, 2023 (Establishment of Medical institutions, Assessment & Rating Regulations, 2023). These regulations shall come into force from 2nd June, 2023.

The Medical Assessment and Rating Board (MARB) has introduced a new mandate stating that no medical college or medical institution can be established, and no new medical course can be started without obtaining written permission from the MARB. The mandate aims to ensure that the establishment of medical institutions and the introduction of new medical courses meet certain criteria and standards.

Under the new regulations, only specific entities are eligible to apply for permission to establish a new medical college or medical institution or to start a new course in medicine. These eligible entities include the Central Government, State Government(s) in partnership, Union Territory, a university established in India, autonomous bodies promoted by the Central or State Government, registered societies under the Societies Registration Act, and Section 8 companies.

To apply for permission, eligible entities must respond to an invitation from the MARB, which will be issued through a notification on the NMC’s website. The application must be submitted in the prescribed proforma provided by the MARB, along with the specified fees.

The entities must satisfy all the conditions mentioned in the Notified Minimum Standards of Requirements (MSRs) by the Undergraduate Medical Education Board (UGMEB) or Postgraduate Medical Education Board (PGMEB) at the time of application. The application must be accompanied by the required documents, and the medical institution must meet the conditions related to physical infrastructure, teaching staff, clinical material, and hospital facilities outlined in the MSRs.

The MARB will evaluate the applications received from eligible entities based on several criteria. These include assessing the desirability and feasibility of setting up the medical institution at the proposed location, ensuring that the eligible entity fulfills the required conditions specified in the corresponding MSRs, and evaluating whether the submitted scheme demonstrates the institution’s sustainability once established.

Upon completion of the evaluation process, the MARB will communicate its decision of granting permission or otherwise to the eligible entity within six months from the date of receiving the completed application. If approved, the MARB will issue a letter of permission to the eligible entity, including any necessary conditions. The letter of permission will also be published on the National Medical Commission’s website.

These regulations also cover the process for increasing seats in existing medical courses. Medical institutions must obtain permission from the MARB to increase the number of seats, ensuring that they fulfill the necessary conditions and requirements specified in the MSRs.

Furthermore, the regulations establish a comprehensive assessment and rating system for medical institutions. The MARB is responsible for evaluating the performance of medical institutions based on various criteria, including infrastructure, faculty qualifications, clinical material, and overall sustainability. The assessment results in a rating that reflects the institution’s quality and helps students, parents, and other stakeholders make informed decisions.

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