DCI directs Dental Colleges to Conduct Anti-Ragging Orientation Program in Compliance with Guidelines


The Dental Council of India (DCI) has issued a notice to all principals/heads of all the dental colleges in the country to conduct anti-ragging orientation program in compliance with its guidelines. This notice was issued on 5th June, 2023.

The DCI has recently noticed that several dental colleges have been conducting Anti-Ragging Orientation Programs in the year 2023 without inviting a DCI member, despite clear instructions provided in the DCI’s Circular dated 21st April, 2023. The circular explicitly directed the colleges to conduct the program in the presence of a DCI member.

In light of this observation, the DCI reiterates its directive to all dental colleges to immediately conduct the Anti-Ragging Orientation Program, 2023, in strict compliance with the referenced circular. The colleges must either invite a DCI member from their own state or from a neighboring state if the member from their own state is unavailable for any reason. The name of the DCI member attending the program should be confirmed from the DCI website on the day of the Anti-Ragging Orientation program. In case of any doubts, confirmation can be sought from the DCI office.

The Anti-Ragging Orientation Program should involve all stakeholders, including students from the fresh batch and previous batches, hostel wardens, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff, district administration, and the police.

After conducting the program, the dental colleges must promptly provide the following documents to the DCI office:

  1. Report of the Anti-Ragging Orientation Program
  2. Name of the DCI member who attended the program
  3. List of participants in the program
  4. Photographs of the program

It is essential for dental colleges to strictly adhere to these guidelines and furnish the required documents to the DCI office without delay. Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in appropriate action taken by the DCI, in accordance with the established Rules and Regulations. The DCI emphasizes that no further circular will be issued regarding this matter.

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