The Karnataka Industrial Training Institution (Recognition of Minority Educational Institutions Terms and Conditions)(Technical Education) Rules, 2023


The Karnataka Government Secretariat has issued the Karnataka Industrial Training Institution (Recognition of Minority Educational Institutions Terms and Conditions)(Technical Education) Rules, 2023. These rules aim to recognize and support minority educational institutions, ensuring their rights and privileges are protected by providing a clear framework for the declaration, recognition, and review of minority status.

Recognition of Minority Status:
The rules establish the Competent Authority, comprising government officials, responsible for declaring the minority status of Industrial Training Institutions (ITIs) offering National Council for Vocational Education and Training courses. The Competent Authority ensures that the institutions meet the criteria outlined in the rules and have the necessary religious or linguistic affiliations. This recognition acknowledges the specific needs and contributions of minority communities in the field of technical education.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process:
The rules outline the eligibility criteria for institutions seeking minority status. Existing ITIs previously declared as minority educational institutions need not reapply, but they must comply with specific conditions and file periodic reports. New institutions must register under relevant laws and demonstrate their formation to serve the interests of the minority community. The rules also specify the composition of managing committees and the proportion of minority students enrolled, ensuring a fair representation and providing a conducive environment for minority students.

Screening and Verification Process:
The rules establish a comprehensive screening and verification process to ensure the authenticity and compliance of institutions seeking minority status. A Verification Committee, consisting of qualified individuals, visits the institution, examines relevant documents, and submits a report to the Commissioner of Industrial Training and Employment. The Commissioner then reviews the report and submits recommendations to the Competent Authority. This process guarantees a thorough assessment and evaluation of each application.

Grievance Redressal and Appeals:
To address any grievances or disputes regarding the minority status of an institution or the admission process, the rules provide a mechanism for redressal. The Competent Authority conducts hearings, examines evidence, and verifies records, ensuring a fair and unbiased resolution. Parties involved have the right to appeal against the decisions of the Competent Authority to the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions, offering an additional layer of oversight and protection.

Renewal and Review of Minority Status:
The rules establish a renewal process for the minority status certificate, valid for five years. Institutions must apply for renewal, accompanied by the necessary fee, to ensure ongoing compliance with the rules. Any changes in management or non-compliance with the specified conditions may result in the revocation of minority status, subject to a fair hearing and due process. This provision ensures that recognized institutions maintain their commitment to minority representation and quality education.

These rules create a fair and transparent process that safeguards the interests of minority communities.

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