Govt of Kerala extends facility for free online Aadhaar Renewal


The Govt of Kerala has issued a notice permitting the online renewal of Aadhaar Cards for free until 14th June, 2023.

Identity and address documents can be updated through the website after logging in with the Aadhaar number. Only individuals whose mobile numbers are linked with Aadhaar can use the online system.

Those persons who have not provided a mobile number and email address in their Aadhaar so far, or those whose mobile numbers and email addresses have changed, can update their information through Akshaya Aadhaar Kendras.

Additionally, the notice also states that Aadhaar should also be enrolled for newborns. Biometric information is not collected for Aadhaar enrollment of children below 5 years of age. For enrollment, a child’s birth certificate and Aadhaar of one of the parents is sufficient.

The biometrics of children must be renewed at the ages of 5 and 15. It is mandatory to renew biometrics at age 5 within seven years and at age 15 within 17 years to avail the free renewal facility. Otherwise, a fee of Rs.100 is payable for the mandatory biometric renewal. This service can also be done through Akshaya Aadhaar Centers by paying Rs. 50

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