Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments (Amendment) Act, 2023


The government of Tamil Nadu has notified the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments (Amendment) Act, 2023. This Amendment Act seeks to further amend the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments Act, 1947. The Act will come into force on the date that will be appointed by the government.

The Amendment Act has included several employee-centric facilities within its ambit. These include the following:

Availability of Drinking Water

Every employer shall make effective arrangement to provide and maintain at suitable points conveniently
situated for all persons employed in the shop or establishment, sufficient supply of wholesome drinking water.

Adequate Number of Latrine and Urinals

Every employer shall provide sufficient number of latrine and urinal accommodation. These shall be conveniently situated so that they are accessible to the employees at all times during the working hours.

Appropriate Rest room and Lunch room

Every employer shall provide adequate and suitable rest room and lunch room. These rooms shall also have a provision for drinking water for the employees. The rooms shall be sufficiently ventilated and lighted and shall be maintained in a clean and tidy condition. They shall also be furnished with chairs or benches with back-rests.


Every employer shall provide first-aid facilities at the place of work.

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