New BIS Standard Enhances Surgical Implants: IS 18079:2023


On May 19, 2023, The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) introduced a new standard, IS 18079:2023/ISO 9269:1988, focusing on implants for surgery—metal bone plates with holes and slots corresponding to screws with a conical under-surface. This standard brings significant advancements to the field of surgical implants and replaces the existing standards IS 11567 (Part 3):1986 and IS 11567 (Part 4):1986, which will be withdrawn on June 18, 2023.

Enhancing Surgical Implants:

IS 18079:2023 establishes essential guidelines and technical specifications for metal bone plates used in surgical procedures. The standard focuses specifically on the design and configuration of holes and slots in these plates, ensuring compatibility with screws featuring conical under-surfaces. By providing comprehensive guidance on implant dimensions, alignment, and structural integrity, this standard plays a crucial role in improving patient safety and the effectiveness of surgical interventions.

Key Features of IS 18079:2023:

  1. Compatibility and Interchangeability: The standard emphasizes the compatibility of metal bone plates with screws that possess a conical under-surface. By aligning the design of the holes and slots in the plates with these specific screws, the standard promotes ease of use and interchangeability.
  2. Enhanced Stability and Fixation: IS 18079:2023 focuses on optimizing the structural integrity of metal bone plates, ensuring secure fixation of the screws. The standard provides detailed specifications for hole and slot dimensions, taking into account factors such as plate thickness, plate type, and screw size.
  3. Streamlined Surgical Procedures: By standardizing the design and alignment of holes and slots in metal bone plates, this standard facilitates smoother surgical procedures. Surgeons can confidently select implants that conform to the specified requirements, streamlining the implantation process and reducing the risk of complications.
  4. Improved Patient Outcomes: The implementation of IS 18079:2023 enhances patient outcomes by ensuring that surgical implants meet stringent quality and safety standards. The standard promotes uniformity and reliability in the manufacturing and use of metal bone plates, ultimately benefiting patients who require orthopedic interventions.

Impact and Benefits:

The introduction of IS 18079:2023 marks a significant milestone in the field of surgical implants, particularly in orthopedic procedures. By replacing the older standards (IS 11567 Parts 3 and 4), the BIS acknowledges the need for more advanced and standardized guidelines.


The Bureau of Indian Standards has once again demonstrated its commitment to fostering excellence and patient safety by introducing IS 18079:2023. This latest standard provides crucial guidelines for the design and configuration of metal bone plates used in surgical procedures. By ensuring compatibility with screws possessing conical under-surfaces, the standard enhances surgical outcomes, simplifies implant selection, and sets a benchmark for the industry. With IS 18079:2023 in place, surgeons, manufacturers, and patients can benefit from standardized and reliable metal bone plates, promoting safer and more effective surgical interventions.

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