The Government of Himachal Pradesh takes measures for regularization of daily waged workers/ contingent paid workers


The Government of Himachal Pradesh on April 30, 2023, issued a notification regarding the regularization of daily waged workers/ contingent paid workers. The following measures are introduced for regularization:

  1. Daily waged/contingent paid workers who have completed 4 years of continuous service (with a minimum of 240 days in a calendar year except where specified otherwise [or the tribal areas) as of March 31, 2023, and due to complete 4 years service as on September 30, 2023, may be considered for regularization against the available vacancies in various Departments.. 
  2. No new post of any category will be created. After regularization. the original post of the concerned daily wager contingent paid workers shall be abolished. No additional funds/budget will be demanded.
  3. The regularization will depend on the subject to availability of the budget allocated to the department concerned for that year. 
  4. 4 (four) years of continuous service is the only eligibility criterion and regularization shall be only from prospective effect i.e. after the date. the orders of regularization are issued after the completion of codal formalities.
  5. There shall be no resultant vacancy by way of such regularization because such vacancies shall be abolished. 
  6. If the vacant post is not available, the regularization may be done against available analogous Class-IV posts having identical pay bands.

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