EPFO clarification regarding application process for validation of option or joint options


The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) on April 23, 2023, issued a notification regarding the application for validation of option or joint options and scrutiny of information and wage details submitted by the employee and employer. The following clarifications are made regarding the application process:

  1. In case the requirements are complete, the wage details submitted by the employers will be Verified with the data available with the field offices. In the cases where FO details and employers’ details match, the dues will be calculated and an order will be passed by APFC / RPFC-II/ RPFC-I for depositing/transferring the dues. 
  2. In case the employer does not approve the application form or joint option, before any rejection, an opportunity will be given to the employer to provide any additional proof or evidence or correct any mistakes/errors. Such opportunity will be for a period of one month and under intimation to the employees/ pensioners.
  3. In cases where the submitted information is not complete or seems erroneous or any Information in the application/ joint option form needs a correction request or is not found eligible, APFC/RPFC-II will seek Information from the employers under Intimation to the employees/pensioners within one month.

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