FSSAI re-operationalizes FSS Nutraceuticals Regulations, 2022


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued a notification re-operationalizing FSS (Health Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Food for Special Dietary Use, Food for Special Medical Purpose, and Prebiotic and Probiotic Food) Regulations, 2022 (hereinafter called the FSS Nutraceuticals Regulations, 2022). This notification was issued on 11th April, 2023.

The FSSAI had operationalised the FSS Nutraceuticals Regulations, 2022 on 29th March, 2023. On 10th May, 2022, the FSSAI issued a direction permitting the use of certain additives and enzymes in health supplements.

Subsequently, FSSAI issued a direction dated 18th October, 2022, extending the operationalisation of both the abovementioned directions from 1st October, 2022.

Hence, through the present notification, the FSSAI seeks to re-operationalise the direction dated 18th October, 2022 with effect from 1st April, 2023.

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