Bihar Tenancy (Amendment) Rules, 2023


The Government of Bihar has notified the Bihar Tenancy (Amendment) Rules, 2023. These Amendment Rules were notified on 17th March, 2023 and come into force from that date.

The amendment states that any raiyat having interest on the land may file a petition for the measurement of his raiyati land. This petition shall be in form-36 and submitted to the Circle Officer of the area through offline or online medium. It shall be mandatory to attach a copy of the evidence related to the right on the land by the raiyat along with the application form for the measurement. The prescribed measurement fee is required to be deposited in the Anchal Nazarat through offline or online method by the interested raiyat along with the application form.

Additionally, For the measurement of raiyati land located in Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayat area, per Khesra Rs. 1000/- and maximum Rs. 4000/- (if the number of plots is 4 or more) measurement fee is fixed, which will be depostited offline/ online by the applicant.

In rural areas, per khesra Rs. 500/- and maximum Rs. 2000/- (If the number of plots is four or exceeding four) measurement fee is fixed, which will be deposited offline or online by the applicant.

Measurement work will be executed by Amin within a maximum of 02 (two) working days. The application form for measurement of land will be submitted separately in rural areas, revenue mauza wise and ward-wise in urban areas.

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