Delhi Pollution Control Committee prohibits Certain use of Plastic


The Delhi Pollution Control Committee has prohibited the use of certain grades of plastic as specified. These prohibitions are in compliance with the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016.

The following commodities are prohibited:

  • From 31st December, 2022 carry bags made of virgin or recycled plastic should not be less than 120 microns in thickness.
  • Plastic sheet or like used for packaging, wrapping the commodity less than 50 microns in thickness except where the thickness of such plastic sheets impair the functionality of the product.
  • Non-woven plastic carry bags less than 60 Gram per Square Meter (GSM).
  • Sachets using plastic material used for storing, packing or selling gutkha, tobacco and pan masala

Additionally, Manufacturing, Import, Stoking, Distribution, Sale and Use of the specified 19 Single Use Plastic (SUP) commodities have also been prohibited from 1st July, 2022,

Any grievances with respect to manufacturing, import, stoking, distribution, sale and use of these commodities and banned SUP items and other violations of provisions of PWM Rules, 2016 can be lodged in the following manner:

  • “Green Delhi App”, a Mobile App of Delhi Govt.
  • “SUP-CPCB”, a Mobile App of CPCB.

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