Government clarifies the commencement date for Quality Control Orders


The following quality control orders (QCOs) issued by the Government of India through Gazette Notification will be enforced on corresponding dates:

S.NoItemsIS CODEEnforcement date
1Linear Alkyl BenzeneIS 12795:202003.04.2023
2Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) CopolymersIS 13601: 199303.04.2023
3Polyethylene Material for Moulding and ExtrusionIS 7328:202003.04.2023
4Polyester Continuous Filament Fully Flat Drawn Yarn (FDY)IS 17261:201903.04.2023
5Polyester Partially Oriented Yarns (POY)IS 17262:201903.04.2023
6Polyester Staple Fibres (PSF)IS 17263:201903.04.2023
7Polyester Industrial Yarn (IDY)IS 17264:201903.04.2023
8100 percent Polyester Spun Grey and White Yarn (PSY)IS 17265:201903.04.2023
9Synthetic micro-fibres for use in cement based matrixIS 16481:201603.04.2023
10Styrene (Vinyl Benzene)IS 4105:202024.04.2023
11AcrylonitrileIS 12540:198824.04.2023
12Maleic AnhydrideIS 5149:202024.04.2023

 This is an advance information for all the stakeholders of twelve products; which include producers, consumers, traders and other related Indian citizens for preparedness.

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