Municipal Commencement Council Hamirpur (Property Taxation) Bye-laws, 2022


The Municipal Council Hamirpur has published the Municipal Commencement Council Hamirpur (Property Taxation) Bye-laws, 2022. These bye-laws were published on 4th February, 2023 and have come into immediate effect.

The bye-laws define various terminologies such as “Retable value”, “Unit area”, and “Unit area tax” etc.

They also define an assessment list which refers to ‘all units of lands and buildings assessable to property tax under the provisions of the H. P. Municipal Act, 1994. The bye-laws also specify the Form of an Assessment list.

This Assessment list should contain the following:

  • A list of all units of the lands and buildings located within the jurisdiction of Municipality Hamirpur, distinguishing each either by name or number and containing such particulars regarding the location or nature of each, which shall be sufficient for identification thereof.
  • The rateable value of each unit of the lands and buildings.
  • The name of the person primarily liable for payment of property tax and rateable value as well as property tax demand on his/her unit of land or building.
  • If any such unit of land or a building is not liable to be assessed to the property tax, the reason for such non-liability; 
  • Other details; if any, as the Executive Officer may from time to time think fit. 

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