MNRE extends Quality Control Order, 2017 for SPV Inverters


The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has issued a notification extending the Quality Control Order (QCO), 2017 for SPV inverters. This notification was issued on 24th January, 2023.

The ministry has provided this extension on account of the limited availability of test facilities and in order to provide additional time for compliance with the QCO. Thus the implementation of Quality Control Order, 2017 for SPV inverters (items 4-5) stands extended from 31st December, 2022 till 30th June, 2023 or till further orders, based on self- certification.

It may be recalled that the government had previously extended the implementation of the said QCO from 30th June, 2022 till 31st December, 2022. This now stands further extended till 30th June, 2023.

However in order to avail of this extension, such manufacturers must have valid Importer- Export Code (IEC) certificates corresponding to IS (IS 16221(Part 2):2015/IEC 62109-2:2011 for item No 4 and IS 16169:2014/IEC 62116:2008 for item No. 5. Such manufacturers must also possess test reports from accredited test labs.

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