DGS issues circular on Collection of data from all Indian Ships


The Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) has issued a circular regarding the collection of data from all Indian Ships irrespective of size. This data is sought for the Implementation of Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI), Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), Single Use of Plastics, and issuance of Electronic Bulk Mail Delivery Note system (E-BDN) by Bunker Suppliers. The circular was issued on 20th January, 2023.

The Directorate has decided to issue this circular to apply the provisions as applicable to all Indian ships and all concerned, viz., ship owners/managers/recognised organizations (ROs)/ Bunker suppliers visiting Indian ports. These persons will be required to report the data on the Swaach Sagar portal

The circular requires the following data reports to be submitted:

Fuel Consumption data:

All Indian ship-owners/ managers/ companies must access the Swacch Sagar Portal and register themselves. The instructions for the registration are provided in the attached user manual. Such persons shall furnish the complete data related to fuel consumption on a monthly basis of their fleet ships of 400 GT and above registered under Merchant Shipping Act, 1958. This requirement will apply irrespective of whether the ship has coastal or world-wide GTL or whether certified under River Sea Vessel or Inland Coastal Vessel.

• Single-Use Plastic:

All Indian ships of 400 GT and above are required to access Swacch Sagar Portal digitally and complete the data related to single-use plastic on each arrival in any Indian Port.

• Bunker Supply Information System

All registered and licensed bunker suppliers are required to access Swacch Sagar Portal digitally and complete the data related to bunker supply, generate an E-BDN on the online platform, and issue it to the bunker receiver.

Responsibility of Indian ship owners/managers/company: 

The Ship owners/ managers/ company have to ensure that data related to fuel consumption, and single-use plastics are submitted to the online platform for their fleet vessels. The implementation will be verified in the International Safety Management (ISM) audits as applicable to company/ships and non-compliance will be viewed as a very serious issue by the Directorate and may lead to the withdrawal of respective certificates.

The user manual for uploading the relevant data for fuel consumption, single-use plastics, and bunker information system is attached to this circular.

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