“IP Mitra” introduced for Startups in Patents, Trademarks, and Designs


The Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (CGPDTM) has issued a press release on the introduction of IP Mitra for Startups in patents, trademarks, and designs. This release was issued on 19th January, 2023.

The press release recognises that a little leverage from a trusted IP practitioner can work wonders in achieving the desired results. This concept was introduced by Office of CGPDTM through “IP Mitra” for Startups in patents, trademarks, and designs. This would be carried out under the Scheme for Facilitating Start-Ups Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP).

IP Mitra can help the intended entrepreneurs in a variety of ways. Some of which are as follows:

  • assist in filing, support & facilitate in processing of IP applications d
  • dispense expert advice on various legal aspects of Intellectual Property.
  • broaden one’s IP portfolio and
  • enable stakeholders for new ventures in IP world through their experiences and skills.

Pertinently, SIPP scheme has been extended for an additional three years to increase its effectiveness in the light of the knowledge gathered from its initial deployment. The structure of reimbursement to IP Mitra for facilitation of startups has also been revised in extended SIPP scheme.

The SIPP program’s mission is to encourage and protect the innovative and creative efforts of startups by securing their ownership of their original works.  With the help of IP Mitra, startups can look forward to much simpler time creating and directing innovative technology and successfully marketing them to fuel the growth of the Indian economy.

Accordingly, provisions have been made in e-filing portals of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks for receiving requests for onboarding of eligible entities as empanelled IP Mitra (facilitators). Some of key aspects of this onboarding facility are as follows:

  1. Office of CGPDTM will publish the list of such empanelled “IP Mitra” on its website as and when the requests are found eligible.
  2. Existing “facilitators” are also required to submit their requests through e-filing portals.
  3. Separate requests are to be submitted for Patents, Designs & Trade Marks through the respective e-filing portals.
  4. Reimbursement of fees under SIPP shall be entertained only for empanelled “IP Mitra” who has submitted the online application for startups through respective e-filing portals unless approved by CGPDTM under exceptional conditions.
  5. While submitting the on-boarding request for “IP Mitra”, eligible entities should ensure their personal and contact details i.e. Agent/Advocate/Certificate no., email address; mobile etc. should be upto-date in e-filing portals.

More information on the scheme for Facilitating Start-Ups Intellectual Property Protection (SIPP) is available on the website of the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks

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