MCA notifies Several Revised Company Forms


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has issued a notification listing out the various forms that are notified in January 2023. The notification was issued on 19th January, 2023.

This notification lists out 10 new company forms that were rolled out on 9th January, 2023, these include SPICe + PART A, RUN, SPICe + PART B, etc. The notification also lists out 46 new company forms that will be rolled out on 23rd January, 2023, these include DIR-12, DIR-13, DIR-3, DIR-3C, etc.

Company Incorporation forms (SPICe + Part A, Part B & RUN) will be available for filing purposes in V2 till 21st January, 2023 at 00:00 Hrs. These forms will be enabled on V3 portal from 23rd January 2023 00:00 Hours. Remaining 46 forms will also be available for filing purposes in V3 from 23rd January, 2023 00:00 Hours.

Additionally, due to the upcoming launch of the 56 new Company forms, V3 portal will not be available from 21st January, 2023 to 22nd January, 2023. V2 Portal for Company filing will remain available for all the forms during this period excluding Company Incorporation forms & other 46 forms as referred above.

Stakeholders are requested to take note that for hassle free form filings in V3, all signatories have to register themselves as Business User and associate their Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) in V3.

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