FSSAI permits Instant Renewal of Food Licence or Registration


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued an order on instant renewal of license/ registration. The Order was issued on 11th January 2023. The Order points out  that for renewal of their licence/ registration the FBO would have to submit the renewal application along with necessary documents. These would then be scrutinised by the concerned authorities. This scrutiny would take up additional time and effort since the number of FBOs have increased over time.

Hence to streamline the licensing and renewal process, all renewal of licence/ registration will be granted instantly. The FBO will have to submit the application for renewal, however there will be no scrutiny of the application. This instantaneous renewal is subject to the following conditions:

  1. There are no changes in the existing details of the licence/ registration
  2. The renewed licence will be valid for 1 year only and the renewed registration is valid for as per the existing provision, for the period between 1-5 years as selected by the FBO.
  3. FBOs whose licence/ registration have been suspended/ cancelled shall not be allowed to renew their licence/ registration

Pertinently since FY 2021-2022, before the renewal of licence is permitted for manufacturers and importers, the FBO shall file annual returns with penalties (if any).

Additionally, since the scrutiny of renewal applications is dispensed with, there will no longer be late fees levied of Rs. 100 per day if the renewal application is filed within the last 30 days before expiry. However, penalties levied for applying for renewal of expired licence/ registration will continue.

Moreover,  declaration of the Food Safety Management System (FSMS) plan is automated in FoSCoS and FBOs must self-declare the compliance of points in the inspection checklist at the time of renewal.

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