DGFT adds agencies to Handbook of Procedure


The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has issued an amendment to the Handbook of Procedure in regard to the addition of agencies. The amendment notification was issued on 5th January, 2023.

The amendment also contemplates the following:

1. One Photo of the Inspector shall be captured with the empty container in the background having only one door closed (door with container number) and the container number shall be clearly readable in that photo. 

2. Another photo of the Inspector shall be captured with the sealed container with the same container number on the door clearly readable.

3. Photo of the Instrument used for inspection shall be captured along with the container seal, having the container seal number and instrument serial number, visible in the same photo.

Following declaration is added at serial no 4 of Declaration in Appendix 2 H:

“This PSIC has been issued by the Inspector from country of inspection. Same is verifiable from the IP address used to issue the PSIC.”

The list of agencies added is attached to the notification

PSIAs approved shall have a validity period of 3 years or until notified by DGFT.

The notified PSIA must ensure to update their membership certificate of MRAI/ISRI/IFIA and their office address and contact details within 30 days.

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