FSSAI issues notification on instant modification of license in the existing license by manufacturers


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) had previously issued a notification on instant modification of license. This modification must be the form of addition and deletion of non-high-risk standardized food products. It is applicable only to existing license by manufacturers. This notification was issued on 1st Decembe, 2022

The FSSAI had noted that modifications in FSSAI license are generally related to changes in company details. These details include changes in address, name, communication details, product details, the addition of new products in the license, etc.

Among the various modification applications, there are various applications wherein the manufacturer wishes to add only Standardized non-high risk products in the already existing license. Therefore, this matter was examined by FSSAI during its 40th meeting for ease of doing business and streamlining the process of modification of the license.

Based on its meeting, the FSSAI has set forth the following directions:

(i). Instant Modification of license will be available for the addition of any of the standardized food products under the Vegetable Oil and Processing Units KoB and General Manufacturing KoB. However, such a modification application will not be permitted for High-Risk Food Categories 01, 08, 09, 13 and 99

 Additionally, this provision will be available only for existing Licensed Manufacturers only. 

(iii). The modification fee will remain the same i.e., Rs. 1000/-. There may be additional differential fee due to change in fee slab within the same category of license.

These directions have been implemented in the FOSCOS portal with effect from 23rd December, 2022.

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