UGC publicises its Programme on Academic Bank of Credits


The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued a Departmental Order on Academic Bank of Credits (ABC). This will be implemented at the university level. The Order was issued on 26th December, 2022.

The order explains that ABC will function as a national- level facility that will be a bank for academic purposes. The students will be the academic account holders. ABC will provides services such as credit verification, credit accumulation, credit redemption and authenthication of academic awards.

For this purpose, through the approval of statutory authorities of universities or the amendment of extant ordinances  shall register with the ABC. They shall further monitor development and operationalisation of the ABC programme at the university level.

This will enable all students to open an academic bank account with ABC to commute credits for awarding any degree or diploma or certificate.

The operationalisation of ABC will be discussed by the Chairman of UGC ON 29th December, 2022 at 10am. Additionally, the National e-Governance Division of the Ministry of Elecrtronics and Information Technology (MeitY) will explain the end-to-end flow of ABC.

This programme will be webcast live on Twitter, YouTube and Facebooks on the links provided in the present order.

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