Biological Research Regulatory Approval Portal (BioRRAP) initiated for approval of researches


University Grants Commission vide circular dated 27.12.2022, In order to provide regulatory information to researchers and to facilitate approvals an integrated portal named Biological Research Regulatory Approval Portal (BioRRAP) has
been initiated by the Government of India (GOI). It is one-of-a-kind digital gateway intended to make science and scientific research more accessible as well as making it easier to create businesses. The information on international research projects as approved by all line Ministries/ Departments of GOI is expected to be integrated with BioRRAP (with unique BioRRAP ID for each proposal). Further details in this regard can be accessed at https : //

With regard to Research Projects by entities falling under the category of Central/State Government, the relevant approvals will be dealt with by the concerned Ministry of the Government of India. State Governments have been requested to forward all such proposals to the concerned line Ministry of Government of India. In respect of Non-Government Organizations, the Health Ministry’s Screening Committee, operated by DHR/ICMR, that has been reconstituted by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare will review the research projects involving international collaboration/funding in health research including studies in humans, animals, plants & environment.

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