The Maharashtra PCB issues Circular on Standardisation of Membership Certificate Issued by Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facilities


The MPCB (Maharashtra Pollution Control Board) has decided that a uniform format for Membership Certificate will now be utilised by Bio-Medical Common Waste Treatment Facilities (BMWCTF). The facility will grant these certificates to their registered Health Care Establishments (HCE) in the format notified in the present Circular.

The membership certificate is issued by the CTF after verification of essential information. This certificate will now have two QR codes and have all prescribed information. The Common Treatment Facility (CTF) shall update its data regularly on server for online verification of the certificates.

Prior to this circular, it was observed that there was no uniformity in formats of Membership Certificates issued by the BMWCTF. This made it difficult for MPCB to verify the essential information on the HCE.

Hence, all BMW CTF must now issue the unform membership certificate in the prescribed form to each registered HCE. The fresh certificate must be issued at no additional cost. The certificate shall be issued within 3 months, I.e. by 31.3.2022. A copy of the certificate shall be submitted to the Sub Regional Office and EIC, MPCB by email on the id

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