MoRTH notifies amendments in the rules governing Bharat (BH) series registration mark


The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has proposed amendments in the rules governing Bharat (BH) series registration mark. The proposed amendment is called the draft Central Motor Vehicles (Twenty-third Amendment) Rules, 2022. The notification was issued on 14th December, 2022 and the Press Information Bureau issued a press release thereon on 16th December, 2022.

MoRTH had first introduced BH series registration mark on 26th August 2021. Subsequently, several representations were received towards strengthening the BH series ecosystem.

 Therefore, MoRTH has proposed the following new key features:

1.Facilitation of transfer of ownership of the vehicles with BH series registration mark to other persons.

2. Conversion of vehicles having regular registration mark to BH series registration mark. This is subject to payment of requisite tax, to facilitate persons who subsequently become eligible for BH series registration mark.

3. Flexibility in submission of applications for BH series either at the place of residence or place of work of citizen. This is achieved through an amendment in rule 48 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

4. Strengthening of submissions of Working Certificate by private sector employees to prevent their misuse.

5. Government employees can now obtain BH series registration mark on the basis of their Service Certificate also. This is in addition to availing the benefit through their official identity card.

All these amendments are sought to further improve and widen the scope of BH series implementation.

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