TRAI releases recommendations on ‘Licensing Framework for Establishing and Operating Satellite Earth Station Gateway (SESG).


The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India on 29th November 2022, released recommendations on ‘Licensing Framework for Establishing and Operating Satellite Earth Station Gateway (SESG)’. Based on the comments/ inputs received from the stakeholders and on its own analysis, TRAI has finalized its Recommendations.

The salient features of these Recommendations are as follows:

  • There shall be a separate Satellite Earth Station Gateway (SESG) License under the Section 4 of Indian Telegraph Act. The SESG License will not form part of the Unified License (UL). The Service Area for the SESG License shall be at National Level.
  • The SESG Licensee may establish, maintain, and work SESGs anywhere within the territory of India for all types of satellite systems for which the Government has given the permission.
  • The SESG Licensee may provide satellite-based resources to any entity, which holds license/ permission granted by DoT or Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (MIB) and is permitted to use satellite media for the provision of services under its license/ permission.
  • The SESG Licensee shall not be permitted to provide any kind of telecommunication service or broadcasting service directly to the consumers, for provision of which, a separate license/ authorization/ permission is required from the Government.
  • The SESG Licensee shall meet the instructions/ directions of the Licensor (i.e. DoT) issued from time to time in the interest of national security.
  • The telecommunication and broadcasting service licensees/ permission holders, who are eligible to provide satellite-based communication services in India, shall have the option to establish their own satellite earth station gateways, if permitted under their licenses/ permissions, or use the SESGs established by the SESG licensees by connecting their baseband equipment with the SESGs at the terms and conditions offered by the SESG licensees.
  • The service licensee/ permission holders, being served by the SESG Licensee, shall install their own baseband equipment at the SESG established by the SESG Licensee.

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