SEBI notifies Framework to address the ‘technical glitches’ in Stock Brokers’ Electronic Trading Systems.


The Securities and Exchange Board of India on 25th November 2022, notified a framework to deal with technical glitches occurring in the trading systems of stock brokers. Technical glitch shall mean any malfunction in the systems of stock broker including malfunction in its hardware, software, networks, processes or any products or services provided by the stock broker in the electronic form.

As per this framework, Stock brokers shall inform about the technical glitch to the stock exchanges immediately but not later than 1 hour from the time of occurrence of the glitch and they shall submit a Preliminary Incident Report to the Exchange within T+1 day of the incident (T being the date of the incident). The report shall include the date and time of the incident, the details of the incident, effect of the incident and the immediate action taken to rectify the problem.

Stock brokers shall submit a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Report of the technical glitch to stock exchange, within 14 days from the date of the incident. RCA report submitted by the stock brokers shall, inter-alia, include time of incident, cause of the technical glitch (including root cause from vendor(s), if applicable), duration, chronology of events, impact analysis and details of corrective/ preventive measures taken (or to be taken), restoration of operations etc

All technical glitches reported by stock brokers as well as independently monitored by stock exchanges, shall be examined collectively by the stock exchanges along with the report/RCA and appropriate action shall be taken.

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