MCA releases BE(A)WARE booklet listing the common modus of financial fraudsters.


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs on 14th November 2022, released a booklet named BE(A)WARE which is a part of the public awareness initiative by the Consumer Education and Protection Department, Reserve Bank of India. This booklet has been compiled from various incidents of frauds reported as also from complaints received at the offices of RBI Ombudsmen to provide maximum practical information of value, especially to those who are inexperienced, or not so experienced, in digital and electronic modes of financial transactions.

The booklet is intended to create awareness among the members of public about the modus operandi adopted by fraudsters to defraud and mislead them, while also informing them about the precautions to be taken while carrying out financial transactions. It emphasizes the need for keeping one’s personal information, particularly the financial information, confidential at all times, be-ware of unknown calls / emails / messages, practicing due diligence while performing financial transactions and changing the secure credentials / passwords from time to time.

The book has been divided into three parts- Part A and B list out the commonly observed modus operandi and precautions to be taken against fraudulent transactions relating to banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), and Part C explains the general precautions to be taken for financial transactions.

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