The Aircraft (Security) Draft Rules, 2022


The Ministry of Civil Aviation on 10th November 2022, notified the draft Aircraft (Security) Rules, 2022 and has invited Suggestions or objections from the public which shall be addressed to Shri Pramod Kumar Thakur Deputy Director General, Ministry of Civil Aviation or mailed to with the subject line: ―Suggestion for draft Aircraft (Security) Rules, 2022 within a period of 30 days.

This Draft rule, shall be applicable to person who’s aircraft is registered in India and to person on, an aircraft operated by an operator who has his principal place of business or permanent residence in India.

As per this rule, No aerodrome operator or aircraft operator shall commence operation at aerodrome without obtaining clearance of security vetting and security arrangements, as applicable, and the approval of security programme from the Director General. No entity shall commence operation at aerodrome without obtaining security clearance and approval of their security programme in accordance with provisions of this Rule and the National Civil Aviation Security Programme, from the Director General, as applicable, or unless exempted in writing by the Director General or the Central Government.

Further, each entity shall apply for renewal of its approved security clearance and security programme as specified by the Director General. No aerodrome operator shall himself operate and/or allow any entity or person to locate, operate, provide services, facility, or setting up of a business establishment at aerodrome without obtaining security clearance and approval of security programme as applicable and specified by the Director General or Central Government.

Every aerodrome operator shall construct a perimeter wall of the height of 2.438 meter (8ft) with overhung fence of 0.457 meter (1.5ft) around the aerodrome; Provided that the Director General, keeping in view the threat or any other reason, may, by order, modify the specification of the perimeter wall or fence.

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