Government of Uttar Pradesh Notifies Green Hydrogen Policy.


The Government of Uttar Pradesh in October 2022, notified the Uttar Pradesh Green Hydrogen Policy to promote growth and employment in the state while prioritising decarbonisation and the state’s contribution to India’s climate goals. The policy shall promote green hydrogen/ammonia production, market creation, and demand aggregation. The policy shall ensure a conducive ecosystem in the state to support its ambition to be a leading green hydrogen/ammonia economy.

The policy shall support production, consumption, market creation, and other elements across the green hydrogen/ammonia value chain. Green hydrogen has a large potential for uptake in Nitrogenous (N-) Fertilisers, Chemicals, Refineries, Heavy-duty vehicles, Energy storage and Iron and Steel sectors. In the near term, this policy shall focus primarily on two major hydrogen/ammonia demand centres in the state of UP – Nitrogenous (N-) Fertilizers and Refinery.

The Policy shall remain valid and operational for the next five years (‘Operative Period’) or until the government amends this policy or notifies a new policy.

The vision of the policy is to make Uttar Pradesh a leading green hydrogen/ammonia economy in India. It aims to provide a conducive green hydrogen ecosystem for new and existing investments, promote inclusive growth, support innovation, and implement solutions for the holistic and sustainable development of the state.

The framework will be using 6-I principles: 1.Intent, 2.Investment, 3.Innovation, 4.Infrastructure, 5.Inclusiveness, and 6.Integration. The policy has four key pillars to build the state’s green hydrogen/ammonia ecosystem: boost the manufacturing ecosystem, lead R&D and innovation activities, provide incentives for promoting green hydrogen adoption, and establish the state’s green hydrogen task force.

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