Government of Haryana notifies R&D Incentives under EV segment.


The Government of Haryana on 3rd November 2022, notified the R&D Incentives under EV segment in order to o promote Research and development in the field of e-mobility in co-ordination with Educational / National / International Organizations.

The scheme shall be applicable to Private or Government owned educational institutes, any special educational institute established for imparting education in Automobile or EV relevant segment and involved in R&D specific to EV / EV technology / Charging technology, All Polytechnic colleges under Department of Technical Education, etc.

The Educational or Research Institutes or Research center shall have a domestic status i.e. more than 50% of the capital in it shall beneficially be owned by resident Indian citizens and/ or Indian companies, which are ultimately owned and controlled by resident Indian citizens for the incentives and the applicant that claim incentives under the scheme shall retain their domestic status for a period of three years after claiming incentives under the scheme.

Educational or Research Institutes setting up R&D centers shall receive subsidy @ 50% of project cost, the first 5 selected units developing new electric charging technology shall be eligible to receive one time subsidy upto INR 1 crore and first 5 selected units developing new electric vehicle technology shall be eligible to receive one time subsidy upto INR 5 crore.

 First 10 selected Research Institutes / research centers conducting dedicated research on non-fossil-fuel based mobility solution shall be able to receive subsidy @ 50% of project cost upto INR 5 crore for developing new technology as per selection of best proposals by the state government in the policy period.

One-time subsidy of INR 25 lakh will be extended to first 20 college / ITI/ Polytechnic that apply for setting up of infrastructure related to R&D under EV segment.

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