President of lndia has sanctioned the implementation of the National Bioenergy Program


The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy vide circular dated 02.11.2022 has clarified that the President of lndia has sanctioned the implementation of the National Bioenergy Programme for a period of 1.04.2021 to 31.03.2026 with the outlay of Rs.858 Crore under Phase-I. The National Bioenergy Programme will comprise of the following sub-schemes:

  1. Waste to Energy Programme (Programme on Energy from Urban, Industrial and Agricultural Wastes /Residues)
  2. Biomass Programme (Scheme to Support Manufacturing ofBriquettes & Pellets and Promotion ofBiomass (non-bagasse) based cogeneration in Industries)
  3. Biogas Programme

The objectives of the Bio gas Programme are as follows:
i. Setting up of biogas plants for clean cooking fuel, lighting, meeting thermal and small power needs of users which results in GHG reduction, improved sanitation, women empowerment and creation of rural employment.
ii. Organic enriched Bio-manure: The digested slurry from biogas plants, a rich source of manure, shall benefit farmers in supplementing / reducing of use of chemical fertilizers.

This scheme covers setting up of small and medium biogas plants ranging from 1M to 2500M biogas generation per day for individual user, farmers, poultry, goshalas, slaughter house, diaries/ co-operatives, industries/ organizations and others.

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