The Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Draft Amendment Regulations, 2022.


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India on 31st October 2022, notified the Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Amendment Regulations, 2022 and has invited objections/suggestions from the public which shall be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, FDA Bhawan, Kotla Road, New Delhi- 110002 or sent on email at within a period of 60days.

Through this amendment, the standards for meat sausages, has been notified. Sausage is a product obtained by stuffing minced meat (pork, poultry or meat from other food animals) and other ingredients (fat/oil, salt, water, extenders, spices etc.) in casings (natural/artificial) which may be marketed as fresh (raw), fermented, cooked and/or smoked.

Meat sausages, fresh, shall be palatable, and shall have pleasant flavour and attractive appearance. No foreign or any other objectionable odour shall be present. Meat sausages, fresh, shall be of a good uniform texture characteristic of the product. Pieces of hair and particles of bone shall not be present in the product. The products shall be free from dirt and from insect and rodent contamination. Any deleterious substance shall not be present.

Further, the standards for Indian Mithais under regulation 2.17 has been notified as follows:

Indian mithais means sweets that are traditional and innovative from Indian heritage and culture. They may be prepared by using one or combination of raw materials and other permitted ingredients as specified under section 2 of these regulations as per their relevant category. They may be processed by heating, cooking, steaming, boiling, fermentation, coagulation, drying, condensing, frying, roasting, baking, ripening or similar processes and/or any combination of processes thereof in various forms, styles or consistencies.

The raw materials used in the production process shall meet their respective standards. The product shall have characteristic texture, flavour and taste and shall be free from any rancid taste or smell or any other foreign taste. It shall be free from insects/insect fragments, visible moulds and any objectionable extraneous matter.

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