The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Particulars and Manner of their Display on Labels of Chillers) Draft Regulations, 2022.


The Bureau of Energy Efficiency on 27th October 2022, notified the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Particulars and Manner of their Display on Labels of Chillers) Draft Regulations, 2022 and has invited Objections/suggestions, from the public which shall be addressed to the Director-General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, 4th Floor, Sewa Bhawan, North Wing, Sector-1, R.K.Puram, New Delhi-110066 within a period of 30 days.

As per this regulation, on every chiller, the following particulars shall be displayed on its label, namely:

  • the logo of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency;
  • appliance/type;
  • name of manufacturer or importer and brand;
  • BMG/Model/year of manufacturing or import;
  • unique series code;
  • cooling technology;
  • compressor type
  • label period;
  •  country of origin, etc.

A label containing all the above particulars shall be displayed on every chiller within a period of six months from the date of coming into force of these regulations and every permittee or trader or seller shall ensure that:

  • the chiller being designed for sale shall display revised star level and revised label period synchronizing with the revised energy consumption standards and the manufacturing year of the chiller shall also be in synchronization with such revised energy consumption standards, and shall not manufacture chiller with the previous energy consumption standards; Provided that for smooth transition, manufacturer may produce or import the product two month in advance from the date of such commencement, with the revised energy performance standards;
  • all preparatory steps including awareness of the dealers, retailers and consumers, requisite publicity for their education shall be well planned and taken three months in advance of the date of such commencement, under these regulations.

Further there shall be a label on chiller which shall be displayed at the point of sale and such label shall be affixed on chiller and near the nameplate of the chiller. The label shall be of durable material (aluminium anodized) and be printed as per the size. The name plate of corrosion resistant material shall be affixed on the chiller. The markings required by the schedule shall be legible, indelible and durable.

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