RERA BIHAR arranges option to submit online the applications for the extension of the completion dates of the registration of the project


The Real Estate Regulatory Authority, Bihar on October 26, 2022, issued an order regarding online arrangements to submit the applications for the extension of the completion dates of the registration of the project. The Promoter needs to log in to their web page where they have been given a facility to submit an online application. The following documents need to be submitted with an online application by the Concerned Promoters: 

  1. Details such as date paid, transaction no. etc.; of online payment of Rs. One lac and additional fees if required.
  2. Authenticated Plan of the project showing the stage of development works undertaken till date.
  3. Explanatory note regarding the state of development works in the project and the reason for not completing the development works in the project within the period declared in the declaration submitted in Form ‘B’ at the time of making the application for the registration of the project.
  4. Authenticated copy [permission/approval] from the competent authority which is valid for a period that is longer than the proposed term of extension of the registration sought from the Authority.
  5. The authenticated copy of the project registration certificate. 
  6. Details of cases along with case nos. filed against Promoter. 

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