The City of Panaji Corporation (Amendment) Act, 2022.


The Government of Goa on 7th October 2022, has published the City of Panaji Corporation (Amendment) Act, 2022 to further amend the City of Panaji Corporation Act, 2002.

Through this amendment, a new section 242A dealing with the Sealing of premises carrying on any trade or occupation without licence has been notified has follows:

If any person without obtaining a licence from the Commissioner carries on any trade or occupation in any premises within the limits of the Corporation area, the Commissioner shall, after giving an opportunity of being heard to such person, pass an order to seal such premises:

 Provided that if an application for licence is submitted to the Corporation the premises shall not be sealed till such time said application is rejected on merit:

Provided further that no such premises shall be sealed till the time of expiry of the period allowed to the applicant for rectifying the defect found by the Commissioner.

Further under section 320, whoever, in any street or public place within the limits of the Corporation area, begs for alms, or exposes, or exhibits with the object of exciting or extorting alms any deformity, disease or bodily ailment or any offensive sore or wound, shall be provided shelter in the shelter homes recognised or aided by the Government.

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