DGFT notifies new policy condition for export of flour items under HS code 1101.


The Directorate General of Foreign Trade on 14th October 2022, has amended its earlier notification dated 27th August 2022, to the extent that Export of Wheat Flour (Atta) will be allowed against Advance Authorization, and by Export Oriented Units (EOUs) and units in SEZs, to be produced from imported wheat and without procurement of domestic wheat and subject to conditions as specified.

Export of Wheat Flour (Atta) by 100% Export Oriented Units (EOUs) and units in the SEZ will be subject to pre-import of wheat condition. The Wheat Flour (Atta) will have to be exported within 180 days from the date of import of the wheat consignment. The import shall be subject to actual user condition and transfer of imported raw material, for any purpose including job work, shall not be permitted. Procurement of domestic wheat for the purpose of export of wheat flour will not be allowed.

Entire production of milling process has to be exported and no remnants of the milling process will be allowed to be retained in the Country, except the wastage approved by Norms Committee.

At the time of export, Bill of Entry for imported wheat will be produced before the Customs Authorities and only on verification of the same export will be allowed.

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