SEBI extends two-factor authentication for transactions in units of Mutual Funds.


The Securities and Exchange Board of India on 30th September 2022, decided to extend the Two-Factor Authentication for subscription transactions in the units of Mutual Funds. Two-Factor Authentication for redemption of Mutual Fund units has been implemented with effect from June 01, 2022 for transactions outside stock exchange platforms and from July 01, 2022 for transactions on stock exchange platforms.

In case of subscription and redemption of units, Two-Factor Authentication (for online transactions) and signature method (for offline transactions) shall be used for authentication. One of the Factors for such Two-Factor Authentication for non-demat transaction shall be a One-Time Password sent to the unit holder at his/her email/ phone number registered with the AMC/RTA. In case of demat transaction, process of Two-Factor authentication as laid down by the Depositories shall be followed. It is also clarified that in case of mandates/systematic transactions the requirement of Two-Factor Authentication shall be applicable only at the time of registration of mandate/systematic transactions.”

AMFI’s best practice guidelines issued for AMCs with regard to Two-Factor authentication for redemption transactions of Mutual Funds shall be revised suitably to include subscription transactions of Mutual Funds. It shall be mandatory for all AMCs to follow such guidelines. However based on the discussions with stakeholders, it has been decided that the provisions of this Circular shall be applicable with effect from April 01, 2023.

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