NMC issues advisory to stakeholders informing them about harms of getting treatment from unqualified people.


The National Medical Commission on 20th September 2022, issued an advisory to stakeholders informing them about harms of getting treatment from unqualified people and has notified the following guidelines.

Patients should meet the doctor, who is going to perform hair transplant or aesthetic surgery and know his qualifications, experience. Patients should be knowing about the place where such procedure is going to be performed, whether OT facilities with proper protocols etc. are there or not with facilities and specialities to treat any postoperative complication.

Aesthetic surgery including hair transplant as with any other surgical procedure may sometimes have serious complications. Every registered medical practitioner should be aware of these complications and be trained with skills for their prevention and management as most of the complications are avoidable and can be minimized by proper surgical technique and wound care.

Further, the Assistants or technicians, should be from a medical background such as nurses, OT technicians, Pharmacists. However they need to be provided structured, systematic and proper training in all aspects of aesthetic surgery, as well as the techniques for disinfection, sterilization, patient communication etc. surgical assistants/technicians should perform their task only under the direct supervision of the treating physician.

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