CBIC issues FAQs on GST applicability on pre-packaged and labelled goods.


The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs on 17th July 2022, has issued a list of FAQs on GST applicability on pre-packaged and labelled goods. It has clarified that all pre-packaged items containing a quantity up to 25 Kg (or 25 litre), will attract 5 per cent GST. However, items, which are pre-packaged above 25 Kg, in a single packet will be exempt from GST.

Illustration: Supply of pre-packed atta meant for retail sale to ultimate consumer of 25 Kg shall be liable to GST. However, supply of such a 30 Kg pack thereof shall be exempt from levy of GST. Thus, it is clarified that a single package of these items [cereals, pulses, flour etc.] containing a quantity of more than 25 Kg/25 litre would not fall in the category of pre-packaged and labelled commodity for the purposes of GST and would therefore not attract GST.

Further, it has been clarified that if several packages intended for retail sale to ultimate consumer, say 10 packages of 10 Kg each, are sold in a larger pack, then GST would apply to such supply. Such package may be sold by a manufacturer through distributor. These individual packs of 10 Kg each are meant for eventual sale to retail consumer.

However, a package of say rice containing 50 Kg (in one individual package) would not be considered a pre-packaged and labelled commodity for the purposes of GST levy, even if rule 24 of Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011, mandates certain declarations to be made on such wholesale package.

GST would apply whenever a supply of such goods is made by any person, i.e. manufacturer supplying to distributor, or distributor/dealer supplying to retailer, or retailer supplying to individual consumer. Further, the manufacturer/wholesaler/retailer would be entitled to input tax credit on GST charged by his supplier in accordance with the Input Tax Credit provisions in GST.

A supplier availing threshold exemption or composition scheme would be entitled to exemption or composition rate, as the case may be, in usual manner.

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