The Surrogacy (Regulation) Rules, 2022.


The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on 21st June 2022, has published the Surrogacy (Regulation) Rules, 2022 which deals with Form and manner for registration and fee for a surrogacy clinic and the requirement, and qualification for persons employed, at a registered surrogacy clinic.

As per the Rule, the application for registration of surrogacy clinic shall be made by the surrogacy clinic which is carrying out procedures related to the Surrogacy, as provided in the Act to the appropriate authority in Form 3 and every application for registration shall be accompanied by an application fee of rupees two lakhs for surrogacy clinic and the application fee once paid shall not be refunded:

 Provided that, if an application for registration of any surrogacy clinic is rejected by the appropriate authority, no fee shall be required to be paid on re-submission of the application by the applicant for the same clinic

The number of attempts of any surrogacy procedure on the surrogate mother shall not be more than three times and the consent of a surrogate mother shall be as specified in Form 2.

The intending woman or couple shall purchase a general health insurance coverage in favour of surrogate mother for a period of thirty six months from an insurance company or an agent recognized by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority established under the provisions of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Act, (41 of 1999) for an amount which is sufficient enough to cover all expenses for all complications arising out of pregnancy and also covering post- partum delivery complications.

Further the intending couple/woman shall sign an affidavit to be sworn before a Metropolitan Magistrate or a Judicial Magistrate of the first-class.

Surrogacy clinics shall have at least one gynaecologist, one anesthetist, one embryologist and one counselor. The clinic may employ additional staff by the Assisted Reproductive Technology Level 2 clinics; normally Director, Andrologist and shall appoint such staff as may be necessary to assist the clinic into day-to-day work.

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