Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (Transaction of Business and Fees and Charges) Draft Regulations, 2022.


The Government of Maharashtra on 19th June 2022, has notified the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (Transaction of Business and Fees and Charges) Draft Regulations, 2022 which shall extend to the whole of the State of Maharashtra.

The object of these Regulations is to establish procedures for transaction of business of the Commission and specify fees and charges payable to the Commission.

The proceedings of the Commission shall be conducted in English, provided that the Commission shall allow any person to plead or represent his case in Marathi. The Commission, at its sole discretion, may accept Petitions made in any language other than in English or Marathi, provided that the same is accompanied by a translation thereof in English.

All Petitions to be filed before the Commission shall be prepared electronically and every page shall be consecutively numbered. The contents of the Petition should be divided appropriately into separate paragraphs, which shall be numbered serially.

The Petition shall be filed through ‘E-filing Portal’ only and the same shall be applicable mutatis mutandis to the Respondents / impleaded parties to file their Reply / Rejoinder etc. to the Petition:

Provided that the pleadings shall be filed in soft copy (Word and PDF) on E-Filing Portal:

Provided further that in case any person is having difficulty in accessing digital technology, the Commission’s staff will assist in converting such Petition to digital format and then process it through ‘E-filing Portal’:

Provided also that the Commission, as and when required, will issue operational procedure and protocol from time to time to be followed for e-filing.

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