The Maharashtra Municipal Corporations (Regulation and Control of the Display of Sky-signs and Advertisement) Rules, 2022.


The Government of Maharashtra on 9th May 2022, has published the Maharashtra Municipal Corporations (Regulation and Control of the Display of Sky-signs and Advertisement) Rules, 2022 which shall apply to the areas of Excluding Mumbai Municipal Corporation of all the Municipal Corporations established and constituted under the Maharashtra Municipal Corporations Act 1949.

As per the rule, no agency shall erect, exhibit, fix, retain or display any advertisement by means of hoarding, posters, sky signs, kiosks, wall paintings, wall stickers, balloons etc without obtaining permission from the Competent Authority.

The Corporation shall permit advertisement by various means on Municipal lands by inviting tenders. Such matter all previous advertising licenses will need to be considered according to their approval / approval period. The Commissioner should take a decision in consultation with the Corporation regarding the existing agreement or the existing license within a period of 5 years from the date on which these rules come into force.

The following types of advertisements excluding illuminated advertisements and sky-signs, are not required to obtain permission from Competent authority :—

  • Advertisements displayed within premises not visible from the road.
  • Advertisement relating to business of the railways, state transport and displayed within the railways, state transport premises, but not in front of any road.
  • Advertisements displayed on or upon business premises relating to trade or business carried on within the premises.
  • Advertisements displayed on or upon any premises relating to the sale or letting of the premises or of any effects therein.

No hoardings or advertisement shall be permitted on the walls other than dead walls of any building except wrap up neon or digital advertisements, subject to other provisions of these rules and the Act and no hoarding shall be permitted around Traffic Islands and signal junctions within a distance of 25 meters, in front/ ahead of the stop-line of its approach road that is facing the visibility of hoarding’s display erected from ground level.

The license holder shall ensure that the structure and the advertisement board are aesthetically designed, framed and properly maintained at all times. Further, the hoarding structure and back side of hoarding shall be painted with dark green enamel paint.

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