Guidelines for Registration and Filing Application for Establishing and Operating Over the Counter (OTC) Platform, 2022.


The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission on 11th May 2022, has notified the Guidelines for Registration and Filing Application for Establishing and Operating over the Counter (OTC) Platform, 2022 which shall apply to the OTC Platform, the OTC Platform Operator and participants on OTC Platform.

These Guidelines seek to describe: (a) eligibility criteria; (b) procedure for filing application and grant of registration for establishing and operating OTC Platform; (c) operational and risk management framework; and (d) submission of information by the OTC Platform.

The objective of the OTC Platform is to provide an electronic platform with the information of potential buyer and seller of electricity and maintain a repository of data related to buyers and sellers and provide such historical data to market participants.

Application for grant of registration to establish and operate OTC Platform shall be filed online (Form-I) through e-filing portal of the Commission along with the application fee. The applicant shall publish the application along with details of the proposed OTC platform on its website as per Form-II inviting public objections and suggestions up to a period of 30 days from the date of publication of such notice on the website.

The registration of an OTC Platform shall continue to be in force for a period of five (5) years from the date of grant of registration unless such registration is revoked or cancelled earlier. The registration granted to an entity to operate an OTC Platform is not transferrable.

An OTC Platform Operator shall pay annual registration charge as may be specified in the Payment of Fees Regulations. The annual registration charge shall be payable by 30th April of every year.

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